What is a session like?

Your therapist will support your body in 33-35 degree warm water. This is the same as your skin temperature and feels very pleasant, especially in Northern Queensland's tropical climate.

Waterbliss creates a deep sense of relaxation with gentle, stretching, massaging and flowing movements. The warm water relaxes the muscles enabling smooth stretching, thereby reducing soreness and fatigue.
Being floated in water takes the weight off the vertebrae allowing spinal movements which are not possible on land. A deeper state of relaxation will then be experienced.

Being held so lightly that you feel your own lightness as you sink and rise to the rhythm of your breath. You can choose between listening to deep silence or to soft underwater music. You continue to enjoy the wonderful feeling of weightlessness and the sensation of fluid movements while you drift deeper into progressive levels of ease and relaxation, reaching deep meditative states.

Optional - Under water

If you wish you can enhance the magic below the waters surface, as your practitioner will safely prepare you for immersion. You don't need special skills to experience the underwater part, you will always be in control of the situation.
The practitioner follows your breath, signaling manually before each submerging. You wear a nose clip which prevents water from entering the airways. You will be guided into the weightless, three-dimensionality of the underwater world. Extensions, stretches, flexing, dolphin-like movements, snake-like moves, spirals and waves are release not only on the physical level, but allow the deepest states of relaxation and meditation to be experienced.

Your Waterbliss session is in a private pool amidst beautiful tropical surroundings


Your session

  • For health reasons and crystal clear & clean water, a shower before treatment is mandatory, cold shower after treatment is recommended.
  • Your Waterbliss session lasts for 1 hour in the water, but please plan for 1½ hours of your time
  • Please bring 2 towels
  • You have the choice of a silent session, or soft, relaxing music, filtering through underwater speakers