What is Waterbliss?

Imagine experiencing three-dimensionality and weightlessness. Impossible on land, but possible in the water with Waterbliss - Aquatic Bodywork.
With the support of your therapist you float comfortably in a pool of 33-35-degree warm water. Your spine is free in this weightless environment and it can relax and can move in ways that are impossible on land. While being stretched, massaged, swished and swayed gently through the water, you are able to reach a deep meditative state and enhance the natural healing benefits of warm water.

Combining the benefits of traditional massage and bodywork with the natural healing benefits of warm water, this soft form of bodywork is effective for a wide variety of physical problems. Arthritis, muscular tension, chronic pain and insomnia are problems that can be addressed.

Aquatic Bodywork has been around since the 1980's and has been developed in different forms.These include WATSU® (WATer shiatSU), AQUATHERICS® bodywork, Waterdance, Healingdance, Oceanic Bodywork and more.
All modalities are practiced in warm water, as in therapy pools, mineral springs and spas. Aquatic Bodywork is holistic, acknowledging that a human being is not only physical, but emotional, energetic and spiritual at the same time.

Aquatic Bodywork is widely practiced in clinics and hospitals in Europe and the USA. There are only very few practitioners in Australia. It is possible now to experience Waterbliss aquatic bodywork in Cairns with Claudia Lutrop.

Why is Waterbliss so effective?

You float
Scientific research regarding antigravity shows that weightlessness frees the brain and musculaskeletal system, liberating vast amounts of energy in large areas of the brain to deal with matters of mind and spirit. This in turn enhances awareness of the internal state.

You shift
Brain wave studies have shown that floatation increases the production of theta waves for up to 3 weeks after a session.
Theta waves are known to stimulate free association, significant insights, creative inspiration and a feeling of serenity and oneness with the universe. The theta wave state of experience is usually only attained by advanced meditators.

You rejuvenate
Tests indicate that floating reduces the levels of a number of stress-related Neuro chemicals that cause tension, anxiety, irritability, and are relate to aliments such as heart disease, hypertension and high levels of cholesterol.

You flow
While floating in the water the body returns to a state of equilibrium as there are fewer external stimuli. With no pressure to adapt to outside events, the body can devote all its energies to restoration.

Your Therapist

Since 2005 Claudia offers regular treatments in her private heated pool, in a safe and peaceful tropical ambience. Claudia did her initial training 2003 in New Zealand when it was not yet available in Australia at all. More training courses in the USA followed soon. In 2004 Claudia became a registered practitioner for WATSU® (Water Shiatsu) and OCEANIC BODY WORK. Since 2006 she is a qualified Assistant Instructor for WATSU® and she offers introductory courses. Further training in different aquatic therapy modalities followed including AQUATHERICS®, Water Dance and Clinical WATSU®.

"1994 I moved to Australia and worked as Instructor in various dive schools in Cairns. When I heard of Aquatic Bodywork and WATSU®, I immediately knew that this will be my new path.Passion for the water is an ongoing process in my life. Scuba diving had a strong effect on me when I strated diving many years ago. The incredible beauty of the tropical underwater world changed my life and I became a scuba dive instructor.

The experience of total weightlessness is very profound for everybody and even more so for people with physical issues which impair on their movements in gravity. I trained physically disabled people how to dive and accompanied many on their Scuba dives. I was part of a research team which designed a special open water dive course for insulin - dependent diabetics.
Aquatic therapy (WATSU®) was almost naturally the next step for me to work with. The weightlessness environment offers fantastic healing benefits."