Aquatic Bodywork Training Classes in Cairns

If you never have experienced Aquatic Bodywork for yourself, it is recommended, but not required, that you have a session prior class. This will help you gain valuable insights into how the technique works and what the effects are on the body.


16 - 20 September 2017

5-day WATSU class in Cairns

WATSU (WATer shiatSU) is one of the most popular aquatic bodywork techniques. You float effortlessly in warm water while you experience gentle stretching and shiatsu-like massage techniques. Both, learning to give and receiving, are part of this WATSU course. The course covers principles of working in water and the first full WATSU sequence.
In the first stage of WATSU 1, you learn
WATSU 's Tai Chi-like basic moves and positions and how, staying grounded and connected with the breath, you can let the water do the work. In its continual return to the breath, you find the stillness that is the ground of presence. In the second stage you learn to connect these basic moves with long gracefully flowing transitions. The sequence establishes a foundation for expansion in later courses. You learn to adapt this to people of all sizes, shapes and dispositions. You learn about your own body mechanics - how to support and move each person as effortlessly as possible in the water.

* Prerequisites: None—all levels welcome!
* Teacher: Kevin English
* Cost: A$ 1250 (Cost for re-attending this class only A$ 650
* Hold a place in this class with a non-refundable deposit of A$ 400.
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Craniosacral Hydro Therapy
21 - 24 September 2017

4-day course in Cairns

Do you want to learn some techniques used in a Therapy Pool to reduce pain, enhance mobility on land, put you in touch with your innate capacity to self-heal, provide relief from a range of Neurological restrictions. Explore and develop this gentle technique that enhances the craniosacral system, the area in which the brain and spinal cord function.
Using a light touch Practitioners today use Craniosacral Therapy to improve the functioning of the central nervous system, eliminate the negative effects of stress, strengthen resistance to disease, and enhance overall health.

* Prerequisites: None—all levels welcome!
* Workshop tuition is A$ 900
* Hold a place with a non-refundable deposit of A$ 300
* Teacher: Kevin English
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Introduction to WATSU®
1-day class in Cairns (any time, minimum of 4 people)

Note sure yet? Visit a 1-day intro class to get started. This class is a good preparation if you consider doing a full WATSU 1 but are unsure if it is for you. Experience water in a new way, You will learn basic, easy techniques, which you can take home and practice with friends and family. It is fun! This 1-day WATSU course is a like a retreat. You indulge and float effortlessly in warm water while you experience gentle stretching and massage, giving and receiving.The water allows you to unwind and connect with your self on a deeper level. Body mechanics and body awareness are will be practiced in this course. Paricipants discover how to float each other in the water. It will be and absolutely awesome learning experience!

WATSU® is the first form of Aquatic Bodywork. In many clinics and spas around the world, Watsu has evolved into what many consider the most profound development in bodywork in our time. This course is ideal for everybody who likes water and experience water in a new way (not only people who like to become pratcitioners).

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Prerequisites: None
Cost: A$ 200


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