What my clients have to say about their Waterbliss experience:

The Waterbliss treatment I received from Claudia was the most divine massage I have ever experienced. I had recently undergone surgery for breast cancer, so I was in need of a massage, but was worried a conventional massage would be too painful. Waterbliss was a painless and totally relaxing alternative and I would recommend it to any woman who has been through similar surgery.
From the moment I stepped into the water, I felt relaxed and safe in Claudia's competent and nurturing hands. She gently swayed and moved me around in the water, and it was like floating in a womb. This was truly a blissful experience, and at a time when I needed some nurturing and de-stressing, it was perfect.

Thank you Claudia.
Jenni Harmony


Waterbliss is exactly the right name for Claudia's therapy. I experienced a feeling of bliss throughout the treatment and for many hours afterwards. I highly recommend the treatment and Claudia as a therapist.

Suzanne Scarrow
Personal Peace Clinic
Edge Hill Queensland

My Waterbliss experience was exactly that - very other worldly.
I felt very trusting of Claudia as I was floated and swooshed and submerged in beautiful warm water. I left feeing deeply relaxed, calm and peaceful and my tired muscles looser and less achy. I would thoroughly recommend trying this and am looking forward to another session.

Zoe Strickland
Massage Therapist,
HypnoBirthing Practitioner


I experienced Waterbliss therapy for the first time just three months after I had a double mastectomy. I was still limited because i also was going through the first stages of breast reconstruction.
However, this was actually the most difficult part of my recovery. The temporary breast 'expanders' put into my chest were actually stretching my skin from flat to what would eventually become a B cup. For two months I received saline injections into my breasts, which would slowly stretch the skin. I constantly had a pressure on my chest, I couldn't sleep on my stomach or on my side for eight months.

When I went to see Claudia for her Waterbliss treatment, I honestly had no idea what to expect. (When I lost both my breasts, I had prepared myself emotionally and physically through increasing my pranayama yoga breathing and practice.) But when I started the breast reconstruction process, I honestly did not expect it to be so painful and difficult. But no matter how much I did this, the pressure in my chest caused by the expanders, was always there! (Sometimes I would describe it as the feeling of wearing an underwire bra 4 sizes too small with a sumo wrestler sitting on your chest!)

It was not until that day when I entered the pool with Claudia, that for the first time, I felt the 'bliss' of not feeling the pressure on my chest. I felt normal for the first time since I had began this journey. I had really been a trooper through the whole thing, but the waterbliss experience, bought up some trapped emotions I knew Ii had buried. I became quite emotional and relieved at the same time and the tears just began to flow. I was so inspired and amazed how helpful this was not only physically but emotionally helping me through my recovery. I immediately asked Claudia for her brochures and passed them on to my breast care nurse.

Waterbliss should become part of any patient's recovering from breast cancer or any other chronic condition. The bliss I experienced in the pool, had long term effects that helped me through my recovery, that was healing for both my physical and emotional body. While I was being cradled in this warm tub of water, my body became so relaxed by Claudia's gentle guidance, I imagined this is what it would have felt to be inside my mothers womb again, safe, secure and protected.

Maryzol M.