Benefits of Waterbliss

The benefits of Waterbliss aquatic bodywork are many. The therapy can assist to improve a number of physical and medical conditions such as:

Waterbliss Aquatic therapy...

...releases stress beneficial during pregnancy

...Improves sleeping patterns
...reduces symptoms of stress related conditions beneficial in the treatment of rheumatoid - and osteoarthritis

...reduces chronic pain and muscular tension beneficial for people who suffer from Fibromyalgia and Myofascial pain
...relief from Parkinson's Disease

...can assist in recovery from abuse
...increases flexibility & range of movement beneficial for children with attention deficit order
...Cancer patients - often experience enormous pain relief

Is Waterbliss for me?

Waterbliss is for everybody who loves to relax and unwind. People who love the water will enjoy the sessions, likewise people who have a fear of water, or even water phobias can be helped with Waterbliss treatments. Accumulating relaxation through progressive sessions supports healthy life changes.

Who enjoys aquatic thearpy?

  • People from all walk of life
  • Yoga practitioners and teachers
  • Elderly people
  • Pregnant women
  • People who suffer from chronic fatigue
  • Children
  • People who suffer from arthritis
  • People who from suffer chronic pain

Pregnancy sessions

Aquatic Therapy is most beneficial during pregnancy. Floating and weightlessness are a welcomed relief, felt in your muscles and joints, easing the general aches and pains of childbearing. Pregnant women derive a special experience from the treatment, since floating in warm water builts a special connectiion with your baby; also the treatment is a welcome relief from lower back tension and soothes away pain and stiffness.
Building a trusting, nurturing connection between the mum and baby is very important as preparation for birth. This can be achieved through water, the same element in which your baby is for 9 month. Your baby feels that you relax in the same element as itself. This opens the line of communication and a strong heart to heart connection.
Waterbliss, together with yoga is the ultimate birth preparation for every pregnant woman, and particularly for those who are planning a water birth.